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Sweet popcorn, can you recall your childhood memories?

Sweet popcorn, can you recall your childhood memories?

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Fried (exploded) rice sugar is one of the must-have items for the Minnan New Year in the 6th, 7th and 80th centuries of the last century. It is composed of fried fried fruit, abalone, bean crisp and fried tofu.
At that time, snacks were rare due to lack of food. During the Chinese New Year, people from the limited food, on the spot, creatively made fried (exploded) rice sugar, for the children at home as snacks to solve the problem of hunger, but also used to entertain relatives and friends. It can be said that fried rice sugar carries too many childhood memories of the era!
Later, as peple's living standards gradually improved, market foods, especially snack foods (snacks) became more and more abundant, and the sugar content of fried rice fried (exploded) sugar was higher, and people's health awareness increased, so that fried (exploded) Rice sugar is gradually withdrawing from people's sight. Nowadays, the authentic hand-fried rice sugar has disappeared because of the complicated process, leaving only another relatively simple variety - popcorn.
Entering the year, Xiao Bian found a booth for processing popcorn on the spot in a corner of the market. An elderly couple processes popcorn and two aunts process rice sugar. The two groups of people and horses together formed a golden dragon partner for processing popcorn. It is said that they have been working together for many years.
The traditional individual snacks processing industry will eventually disappear, replaced by large-scale snack enterprises to continuously introduce new and innovative products.