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There are always a variety of magical food processing methods to make you marvel

There are always a variety of magical food processing methods to make you marvel

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Today, we are not only satisfied with the simple "eat". For food, people are not only pursuing the taste effect, but also pursuing visual effects. Nowadays, there are more and more food processing methods, and the foods created are also more innovative and creative. Here are some new ways of food processing, there is always a kind of surprise.
When I first saw it, people often felt incredible. Why are there square watermelons? Is it a new breed of genetically modified? In fact, the way to cultivate this watermelon is very simple. Put the immature small watermelon into a square iron cage. The iron cage will limit the continued development of the watermelon, making it unable to continue to grow. So the square watermelon we saw is the same size, just like a template.
There are many advantages of this kind of watermelon. The first is novelty and good-looking. It can attract people's attention and arouse people's curiosity. Therefore, square watermelon is much more expensive than the ordinary watermelon market. Secondly, it is convenient in transportation. They are the same size. They put watermelon in a square box and put them together neatly. The square watermelon contained in the same truck is far more than ordinary watermelon. Of course, this kind of watermelon also has shortcomings. The people who bought it reacted that this watermelon is not as sweet as ordinary watermelon, and it has an immature feeling. In fact, if you think about it, you will understand that putting watermelon into the iron frame will forcefully restrict its development, and of course it will affect its taste. People's excessive intervention has caused the fruit to lose its original taste. This practice is currently controversial, and square watermelon is also a relatively small processing product.
Friends who have eaten pomegranate know that pomegranate is delicious, but peeling is too much trouble, and it is not easy to eat. In order to solve this problem, a pomegranate is peeled off for a long time to get a few pomegranate grains. In order to solve this problem, people have invented a pomegranate granulator, which can mechanically puncture the particles in the pomegranate, and the particles that are knocked out are basically intact. The next step is to eat directly or juice as you like. Xiao Bian is very fond of this kind of food processing. Unlike the square watermelon, this does not affect the process of food growth. The particles that are produced are also neat and generous. The most important thing is that you can have a good time.