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Food factory purification workshop management requirements and maintenance precautions

Food factory purification workshop management requirements and maintenance precautions

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A good processing environment, for the production of the product itself, will be better prepared as a result. According to the analysis of the actual situation a few days ago, the arrival of the purification workshop now meets the needs of the market-oriented public, and prepares and needs for the upgrade of the subsequent processing and management quality.
Cleanliness and the continued stability of handling pollution are core specifications for the quality of food plants. The food factory purification workshop specifications can be divided into several grades according to the regional environment, purification degree and other factors. Commonly used are international norms and domestic regional industry norms.
All those who enter the purification workshop must pass the card entry (no direct access to the raw materials and finished product buffers). First enter the shoe-changing area. After changing the shoes, enter the corresponding dressing room separately, take off the jacket and put on the clean overalls. Then enter the air shower room, strictly follow the "air shower room use specification" and then enter the purification workshop after the air shower