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China Vacuum Packing Machine Suppliers and Factory

China Vacuum Packing Machine Suppliers and Factory


full automatic meat chicken and egg vacuum packing machine

Product Description

Automatic Rotary Vacuum Packing Machine 




Features and Characteristics:
1. The machine can pack different products which need vacuum packing
2. Automatic rotary vacuum packaging consists of filling system and vacuum system. The former is intermittent,
the latter Incessant
3. Quick change-over, the height of automatic bag feeding device can be adjusted automatical
4. Comply with the sanitation requirements of food processing machines. Materials contact parts adopt 304 stainless
steels, or other materials complying with food hygiene requirements to ensure food hygine and safety
5. The machine is easy to wash down
6. The machine adopts premade pouches with a complete pattern a high-quality sealing, resulting in improved product
quality and grades
7. Easy to operate The machine adopts PLC and POD(touch screen) electrical control system, with a friendly man-machine
interface. No Sealing will happen if no filling occurs, causing bags not filled to be recycled, thus no bags wasted
8. Sealing temperature detection. Alarm system will be started, if heating pipe is damaged





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Whatsapp/WeChat/Phone: +86 15169588915